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Hear What Others Say

animated videos are awesome. children can understand easily.

-Srilaxmi Jaina
11 October 2015

it is very useful to me. just now i understood many lessons from you. now i got confident to get good marks in sslc exam. thank you very much. keep it up. very good service

-Ahamed Anas
28 October 2014

thnak you it is very usefull forkids to learn

26 October 2014

Learn Next is a very nice site for kids to learn in a fun and exiting way. In this site and the app of the site, the lessons are explained better than the teacher. Please keep it up!

26 October 2014

its a good benefit to the children. and thanks a lot for publishing this CD

03 August 2013

it is vry nice learning scheme for all types of children get chance to acheive highest marks

06 May 2013

It really gives the student a feeling of being in a classroom and is an enjoyable experience. We can pause the solutions and review them for our understanding. Such products not only make learning fun but also develop interest in the student for the particular subject. I wish to thank all the developers and members of the learn next program for providing such an exceptional way of learning. I urge the learn next team to provide solutions for class XI and XII physics, chemistry and biology, for these will clearly help students to learn better and faster. Thank You !!!

- Mr pramod panigrahi, UP, Lucknow
22 August 2012

i think my daughter is going to enjoy it. its fun learning this way. Your Cds are really good

- Sandeep Sharma, Gurgaon, Haryana
08 August 2012

LearnNext is very amazing in creating visual effects that fixes into a students memory when he just sees it...

- Ramsudharsan Madhavan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
10th July 2012

It's an amazing tool for kids, hat's off to the brainy behind LearnNext. learn next is a nice package and i like it.

- Syed, Saudi Arabia, UAE
10th July 2012

LearnNext is THE BEST online and offline education service ever. Everything is excellent in this. Kudos and keep it up.

- Anuradha Pulle, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
08th July 2012

I like this my daughter she understand very well every thing. Very wonderfully prepared material.

- Seetha Lakshmi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
06th July 2012

learn next is very best thing for student.......learn next is like ......wow..like home tutions........its amazing.

- N bala krishna Jamnekar, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
06th July 2012

a very good tool for secondary school students. if one studies everyday from LearnNext one certainly does not require any tutions. The perfect literary package for quick revision and examination preparation.

- Ashlesha Balyan, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
08 May 2012


- Gauri shankar
14 April 2012


- Manzoor Ahamed padder, West Bengal
07 april 2012

This seems to an EXCELLENT idea for my Son's interest in Science & Maths Subjects. He is a Computer Savvy but was not having any interest in Maths & Science. But now, it's a different story altogether. He is not only enjoying studying through this interactive mode, but als has found a LOVE for Maths & Science. Thanks to Learn Next. It's Wonderful !!!! regards, - Anurag Gangal Kolkata 4-2-2012

- Archit Gangal, West Bengal
04 Febrauary 2012

LearnNext has done a good job in explaining the concepts interactively, Our Child is impressed with LearNext among other Online Learning packages. If Learnext is provided for all the subjects it will be more helpfull for the kids. Thank You

- Sb ashwath Kumar, West Bengal
17 March 2012

It is a lot much effective for enhancing a child's learning capacity and ability. So keep going LearnNext. I am sure you will do a great job. It is a very useful application for planned studying.

- Santosh kumar Chowdhary, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
05 May 2011

I Am Highly Thankfull To The Learnnext Who Have Provided The Required Information From Time To Time With Regarad To Installation Of Software Provided For X Class Courses (Maths And Science). The Same Is Very Much Usefull To The Students.

- Gul Mohd
13 April 2011

It is very good and useful for children who like to sit on computer. by this way we can learn our syllabus even when we are out of station on laptops. i think that this programme should be

- Abhinav, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
05 April 2011

A very helpful product with fabulous audio-visual teaching aids is what a student needs. Learn next gives it all!!!!

- Ananya Chakraborty, Gurgaon, Haryana
04 April 2011

It is an excellent platform for learning for kids. It should also be available for lower classes also, It is excellent. I like it because it has things that are beyond the books explanation

- Lalit Agrawal, New Delhi, Delhi
28 March 2011

Hi there, why we did not have learn next 25 years back and i want you to start the same for professionals like doctors, engineers etc. anyway all the best and keep it up and long live learn next. Nice programme interesting and easy to understand eventually leads to wonderful results in examinations.

- Dr Pradeep Kumar
16 February 2011


- Pramod Kumar
12 February 2011

i am fully satisfied about u. i will tell about your service to my child and i will advise to use your website regularly. Thank you

- K Bhaskaran
08 February 2011

It's very good, And due to its pictorial information children like maths and science. So it's a cooooooooool way of learning.

- Dr Devendra Mehta
29 January 2011

Myself Rajaram Mohapatra I love this product, cool learning easy solving mathematics & science etc. The videos are very interactive and good. Thanks!!!Best of luck to ur company.

- Rajaram Mohapatra
23 January 2011

It's beyond imagination. It's beautiful & wonderful, very-very useful, especially for those students/guardians who are very serious about studies & not having competent teachers/tutors in & around his approachable limits.

- (CAPT.)DR.R.K. Bhardwaj
15 January 2011

The learn next client is much more effective than any other programme as this not only teaches lessons and concepts but also takes tests and determines proper grasping power of student by showing score and percentile too.

- Ashutosh Bhardwaj
04 January 2011

I like the company most because had not seen this much in a program by internet today I learned a lot don't know by seeing this I was excited. The learn next had done a brilliant job to child. Thank you I like the learnNext most. Quotes learn next shows the future advance.

- Vijay

It is really effective in a child's growth. As children grow fast they need that kind of technology as that gives knowledge out of the circle, Very nice, fantastic. This is such a nice program for our children, its helping our children for study. It has experiments, which we can do without lab. Through this help children can easily understand the concepts.

- N Vinay Chand


- Padhmani Devi

This note is to share my happiness at my daughter Harini P Aishwarya (of Class X at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karaikudi, Tamil Naidu) scoring a CGPA of 9.8 in her board examinations. All thanks to LearnNext.

Your lesson plans were well laid out and are fun to follow. The clarity of presentation and didactic descriptions often supported with graphics breathed a whiff of fresh air in the fatigued mind of my daughter after her exhausting classes. I was always amazed to see my daughter glued to LearnNext lessons during the small hours of the night. Now I look forward to similar study material for her XI lessons. Your programme is a true substitute for a teacher.

Thank you, gentlemen, for your great contribution towards moulding today's children into the nation-builders of tomorrow

- Prem Kumar

I am very much happy with the software I bought for my child who is in Class VII. Earlier he used to be beyond the top ten students in class. However after getting this DVD in the middle of the year he surged in the top five. Above all he secured 6th place in Gujarat state in the NSO (National Science Olympiad) while earlier he had not been even in the top 1000 list. Not to say now he is taking interest especially in Science and Maths and is very keen in pursuing higher studies in the same.

- S Babu Jain

Very helpful for my daughter to excel in maths. Thanks and credit to LearnNext.

- Shyam Singh Rawat

I really like LearNext as it helps me to enjoy my studies. I do not have to go for any extra class.

- Santonu Bora

My son Shivam was an average student. I often tried to teach him, and also tried to give him practical examples, but my efforts were in vain. LearnNext helped him improve his performance. I am much thankful to the LearnNext team. They have done a great job. My best wishes to all of them.

- Alok Jaiswal

I am glad to report that my daughter finds LearnNext a very useful tool. Though she is not utilising the interactive features to their full extent right now, I hope she will start doing so soon and give you more specific feedback.

- Ananth Eswaran

Your product has made me learn CBSE Maths and CBSE Science subject concepts easily.

- Ashish Rajpurohit

As a mother, I find this site very useful for my daughter as she is new to the CBSE syllabus. The listening skills of the student will improve and make them take interest in the subjects.

- Anushuya Karthick

Yes, this is a good thing which gives us lot of knowledge and we can learn at home easily without anybodys help.

- Puneetjot Grewal

Its veeeery good!! Indeed the next way 2 learn.

- Abhinav P

Your course is good. We can understand the chapters easily. Thanks for inviting this course.

- Sridhar Ramakrishnan

The visual appearance is pleasing and attractive at the same time. The content layout, text size and colour compels one to try and use various features. The technical content are good, clearly presented in audio and visual to retain student's attention. More importantly it encourages self learning among students - a boon in the era of tution and coaching classes, and saves valuable time.

- Sandeep Tandon

Its very important to kids and it is very useful.

- Chaitanya Makkapati

As a parent it is very easy to teach my daughter as there is animation & dailog box. We are very very thankful & lucky having this kind of education system.

- Viren Shah

Very Very Innovative. Excellent!

- Anand Kartikeya

I liked this most as it is working very interactive.

- Santhosh Kumar

LearnNext is a very good software & the customer service of LearnNext is very good.

- Noel Pious

It is a good way to revise the topics tought in the class and tell us new things.

- Venkataramani Raghunathan

Its really helpful and useful to the children like us. I thank LearnNext.

- Anu Ismail

It is very useful and beneficial for us.

- Upali Bhattacharya

Hear What Others Say

i got 99 marks out of 100 because of this thanks o learn next t

14 October 2015

i got 99 marks out of 100 because of this thanks o learn next t

14 October 2015

its a good means to study. by studying in this way we even donot need a tutor

Aryan Garg
14 October 2015

its really awesome....these videos r helping me alot ...i always wanted to view such videos because i prefer animated videos for better understanding n ive recived what i exactly wanted ...im sure this time my results will improve a lot thank you learning next

Ankita Dash
13 October 2015

it is very good . it has a language which is understandable to all

Prachi Gupta
11 October 2015

This is a good app. It helps me learn and understand many concepts. -Gaurav Shah

Gaurav Shah
10 October 2015

Thank you learn next for helping me. I could perform few of the experiments on my own.

Namrata Mokshagundam
06 October 2015

It is very nice to be learning with LearnNext.

Noele john Koshy
04 October 2015

i just love this site....... better than all other sites.......thank u so much learnext!!!!

Meghna Basu
04 October 2015

"no words to give....it is excellent"
it is awesum and loved it u would not believe once i got 56/100 in history and once i learned from learnnext and again u would not believe that i got 89/100 ......seriously i would not believe i was so happy and i m thinking i would get good marks in geography as well..........learnnext u r the best...!!

Jigna Jain
27 September 2015

its just awesome it gives us full explanation and video lectures this is very helpful

Abhay Tiwari
22 August 2015

"JUST AWESOME!!!! :D :) !"
I never expected learning online would change my whole carrer and my future, my life !!! its been a great pleasure learning online , all the subjects which i used to hate before i have started to love them !! just because of this wonderful technique of learning !! :) i just wish the subject hindi and sanskrit was there !! :D this is more better than any other website !!! its been great knowing this website !! i really appreciate & thank this website and the people who really put efforts to handle this website :) !! i will never forget this experience thanking u yours affectionately -debbie!!!

Debbie yep
19 July 2015

"LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!"
With Learnnext by my side...i really dont have to freak out if i do not understand something in class....i know i am gonna get it as soon as i reach home....all has become a cake walk....except for physics...

vrajani barodia
08 July 2015


Neha T
07 February 2015

prompt replay to my questions and service is very satisfactory , keep it up

Anitha Jain
25 October 2014

I really enjoyed watching and learning video lectures.Really wonderful.Ilearnt a lot from this viceos.The most thing I like is the quesyions asked in different ways.Thanks for extra information which help me to improve my knowledge level.

Subhash Kori
22 October 2014

helo...this is sriraj of class 10th learn next is playing a crucial role behind my knowledge.. learn next was awsome.....

19 October 2014

i jist really like it.it makes my portion really easy.thanks

Suja Eldtho
28 February 2014

it is agood pieace of inormation for my daughter . thanks

Hywin rose Thomas
27 February 2014

its an really interesting way through which we can learn especially how it shows the sceince diagrams and structures it helps in memorising and gives out examples which are easy to remember . it is an innovative way a but sometimes it seems like it has not given the complete video based on the chapter the chapter sometimes has more than the video to remember but otherwise its commendable advisable and helpful i will surely recommend lernnext to be used SHREYA PANDEY 6 CLASS

Shreya Pandey
15 February 2014

I scored good marks in my FA-1 exams just because of learn next. So, thankyou learn next:-)

Meenal Dubey
02 August 2013

learn next is really informative and makes us understand things far off better, it also gives a clear information of the topic of that particular grade

Harini Jay
02 August 2013

nice. actually the same what we see on the smart boards in the school .

01 August 2013

I really love this software I would really thank you for creating such a wonderful software which helped to improve my mental skills and I am getting a very good rank thank you learn next!!!!!!!!!! Once Again Thanks my test is tomorrow I did not knew algebra I studied and now I am crystal clear with the chapter!! Thank You :) :) :) :) :) :)

- Daniel James, Bangalore, Karnataka
05th September 2012

awesome... It helped me a lot and i have no more to buy such expensive refreshers and guides

- Akshat, Kerala
24 August 2012

learnnext is extremely wonderful programme of e-learning. It gives extensive knowledge of the subject making aware of the fundamental ideas clear and help student very much in his understanding of the subject. It is not merely a study material but a process to acquire knowledge.

- Parth Anandjiwala, Kerala
19 August 2012

its very useful and awesome!.. it helps to evaluate myself and i confidently give the tests without anyone knowing about the marks...

- Nikita Dhanan, Zirakpur, Punjab
23rd August 2012

This is an excellent document in which people who have difficulties in learning their chapters can improve a lot in studies. I would like to thank the inventor of this document and say him/her that this program would help in increasing the literacy level of the students.

- Rajeev, Kolkatta, West benagal
15th August 2012

It is amazing. Whatever I don't understand, I just watch it on Learn Next and it is very Beneficial. these should be used in schools for teaching the students efficiently.

- Dinesh kumar gupta, Faridkot, Punjab
15th August 2012

its a very GOOD product fr this present education may of we students like studying in homes its so usefull we can revise easy before exam and we can take test in which we hve doughts................thanx for learn next

- Saisrinivas, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
14th August 2012

loving your taeching style!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know i get above 90% in science!!! thanks to you,learn next. It is a very useful product which helps the students to improve their standard of education. this education product is very easy to learn our study and this product is a very good to learn - thank you

- Mohammed shoukat ali, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
12th August 2012

It is a very good way of teaching. It is very interesting for children. It is very much better and now because of this i have improvement in my study of maths scince. And now i am also able to speak english more fluently. VERY VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRILLIANT TUTOR FOR ME. I AM FEELING THAT MY OWN TEACHER OF SCIENCE AND MATHS TEACHING ME

- Ashok mirande, Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra
11th August 2012

it is totally a dashing system for the students. theyb could easily learn any thing. i like the program very much. as well as i love this program with my whole heart

- Anubhuti Chaudhuri, agartala, Tripura
10th August 2012

loved the software and it was really great to go through. Would definitely recommend and a great buy!

- Shreyashi mukhopadhyay, Mumbai, Maharashtra
10th August 2012

It is very very helpful to me. I live at village and I have no skope for better and details study. But learn next removes this scarcity.

- Riddhi Das, Bankura, West Bengal
9th August 2012

an extra ordinary site were it not for learn next i would have been so bad in maths it would have been tough to recover and now i can solve all types of equations and sums.

- Sandeep Sharma, Gurgaon, Haryana
8th August 2012

it is very good and useful software. this makes the undestandin process easy for intelligent as well as weak students thanks

- Burender pal Singh, Ludhiana, Punjab
6th August 2012

I realy happy to visit at learn next. It have very good material for study. I will get benefit of it. I am very thankful to you for preparing a wonderfull edu. Programme

- Yash Bokade, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
6th August 2012

its very good to learn the childrens aswell as thier parents. Make easy to download even in off lines also

- Muktar Makandar, Raichur, Karnataka
5th August 2012

learnnext is actually good and informative its contents,verifications all things are good my child of eight learned from this in avery good manner...

- Dr vikasendu Agarwal, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
5th August 2012

LearnNext is awesome ! It seriously helps us to learn & improve our maths and science!:)

- Hasina, United Arab Emirates
5th August 2012

Thank you so much for the wonderful solutions you give with such amazing explanation. I have never learnt so nicely and interestingly before. Thank you soooooo much. :) THE ANSWERS WERE QUITE GOOD AND SELF EXPLINATORY. I LIKED IT A LOT THAT HOW THE ANSWERS WERE BRIEF AND EVERYTHING GOT COVERED. IT WAS A GOOD EXPERIENCE. THANKYOU.

- Gurleen gaur, Delhi
5th August 2012

LearnNext is wonderful! I especially love the study plan feature for now it helps me space my lessons better. The lessons are very interactive and the questions are beautifully structured although there were a few repetitions. Go rock LearnNext!!!

- Shradhha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
4th August 2012

awsum site to get on our knowledge .... and very enhansive way to promote the most boring subject in an interesting manner :)

- Shivali Pathania, Delhi Cantt, Delhi
4th August 2012

LearnNext is a good learning process in which students are able to learn the lessons better and more faster through LearnNext slow learners are also able to learn the lessons more faster thanks to LEARNNEXT.

- Tpv Ranganadham, Gurgaon, Haryana
2nd August 2012

Hey U r very helpful to us especially 10th std students Reallllllllyyyyyy Awesome

- Anjana
2nd August 2012

i like very much learn next because which students want to be engineer, doctor or anything else they can take the help of learn next. Thanks

- khushboo garg Garg
1st August 2012

A better place to study. It also makes my studies easier. LearnNext is an awesome learning programme...I enjoy each and every lesson all the same :)

- Rahul Banerjee, Kolkata, West Bengal
31st July 2012

Wonderful lessons And excellent service..!!! Really helpful =D. I can Understand everything Very Very Good place learn and study.

- Charles Manjooran, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala
30th July 2012

LearnNext has been useful and helps in understanding the concepts in a more interactive and easier way.

- Jude George, Bangalore, Karnataka
30th July 2012

It's a Wonderful product very informative. Very good software with excellent explanations, methods, examples and real life applications.

- Thalir Pagalam Kumar, Anand, Gujarat
29th July 2012

its an amazing and easy way to learn to understand our chapters. This really a I-learning, Intelligent learning !!!!!! LOLZZZ thanks to teach next because I learn my chapter very well after seeing this thanks a lot :) :D :*

- Ashima Agarwal, Palam Colony, Delhi
28th July 2012

I learn CH - 3 trigonometric function on learn next this chapter will help to me in my 1st exam. Learn Next will explain me each and every question of textbook. so thanks to learn next

- chirag bharwad, Surat, Gujarath
28th July 2012

LearnNext is really very awesome. When my dad got learn next for me i was like what do with this? But when I started using this product I really don't feel to move get up. So learn next is helping very very much in my studies and helping me to score A1 in math and science. I love u Learn next. LearnNext helps me to score a+++++++++++ in math and science so i love it. :) :d :p

- Mikoyu, Mumbai, Maharashtra
24th July 2012

Good source of info and nice to make a quick revision or get introduced to a concept -Aditya Kale

- Aditya Kale, Nagpur, Maharashtra
22nd July 2012

LearnNext is the best teaching programme here we can see a lecture many times here we can also manage our studies LearnNext is the best.

- Vinay, Mumbai, Maharashtra
22nd July 2012

It is very nice and interactive teaching for everybody. one who doesn't like to read gets the interest of reading.

- Patnana Krishna, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
16th July 2012

LearnNext is the best method for getting help in studies at home. It is like a tuition teacher which explains everything with animations and audio.

- Manish singh aao Basu, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
16th July 2012

The product is proving to be very useful to me. I heartily thank you for your product. I love the product. Because of this i am proving to be the best girl in my class. "THANK YOU"

- Kasturi, Hoogly, West Bengal
15th July 2012

it is very nice. I like learn next now i am getting everything easy its very nice now i have got nice result in school from learn next I thanks learn next a lot. it's nice now I get easy to 'understand math, physics, biology, chemistry it is very easy to understand math. Earn next is awesome!! It helps in easily understanding of topics which seems too hard through its animated videos.

- Vishnu kant, Dhule, Maharashtra
14th July 2012

This product or software is very good for the students or for new generation student. I like this software very much

- Balmukand sharma, Cochin, Kerala
13th July 2012

LearnNext is really a very cool stuff!!!! It's truly awesome, amazing, fantabulous..... this is just what I expected and LearnNext has satisfied my need. Thank you LearnNext and Team.

- Nivethitha Munikanna, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
12th July 2012

I just like it. Whenever I get free I just watch these videos. you should continue doing this so that I can learn next.

- Tarak Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
8th July 2012

It really helps a lot 4 notes & understanding as we can grasp more if it's in picture form. And other info materials which are required like different websites question bank which we need to search in market here we get it so easily it's a easier method of studying n when we study we have all the necessary things n info. With us learn next had really helped a lot a special thanks to learn next

- Suresh, Surat, Gujarat
8th July 2012

I have been using learn Next for 3 years. It really helps the student.

- Asmita das Das, Silchar, Assam
8th July 2012

THANK YOU it is too much useful to us. I like it thank you sooo much>>>>> I love it >>>>> All things have been explained very nicely. Each and every Science lesson is well-explained.

- Mr vigneshwaran, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
7th July 2012

It is the best way to learn! What we don't understand at school, we understand from LearnNext. No more tuition, just LearnNext! Thumbs up for LearnNext!!!

- Shreya Puri, Dwaraka, Delhi
7th July 2012

Nice Software developed..! Loved It..! Has Made Life Easier ..! Because of LearnNext for me math and science became an easy............. LearnNext is the secret of my marks.....

- Athira Ks, Ernakulam, Kerala
5th July 2012

Millions of thanks for such interactive and animated CDs. It is helping my child to learn interestingly. He will definitely do wonders in his studies. Thanks again.

- Priya Rashmin, Mumbai, Maharashtra
5th July 2012

Product like LearnNext are of great use to students. They not only creates an excellent medium for studing but also creates an enthusiasm in students for studing. Really this is a great step towards learning. thankz for provding us with this product.

- Shubham, Kerala
07 June 2012

Hey! its Anushka. I am in 8th standard. The concept of Learn Next is really very nice. It clears all our queries and helps to understand the chapter better. Because of this, I don't need to join tutions. Thank You so much and all the best!!!!!!

- Anushka, Jaipur, Rajasthan
3rd May 2012

Learnnext is a excellent device through which a weak can be converted into good students. There is no need for student to go tuition if they have learnnext in their home. In world there can be no software like learnnext. LOVE You Learnnext.

- Ashok Kumar, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat
30th January 2012

this is a great app...its looks great and a very decent and good explanation... the excersises are teached without shortcuts....thats a great software.. even the option of notes taking at the time of taking lessons is very excellent. These apps allows a person to recall the important points that are needed during the examinations....overall a great sotware with easy usage...!!

- Karthik Balamurugan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
1st January 2012

i think it iz fabulous, very nice i get every thing from it n by that i started studying better it provide every thing especialy from videos i can understand more n new things abt d lesson. before buying l.n. i was not able 2 do d exercise of maths, the solutions of learnnext of maths exercises explain every thing very simply and correctly. i lyk learn next very much and i think that every student should buy it. at last i just wanna say dat thanxxxx learn next, thank u very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) :-D B-)

- Vrashi Shrivastava, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
30th December 2011

It Was An Awesome Blossom Experience. I Would Like 2 Tell Other Students That It'S A Brilliant Online Teaching Product. You Should Opt For It. Really, It Has Prooved Really Very Usefull 4 Me.

- Shaurya Jain, Amritsar
23 May 2011

I Realy Like It So Much. I Feel Very Lucky That I Can Learn Scince & Maths Without Going Tutions & I Want To Tell That Today Was My Sceince Exam & I Have Solve All The Questions

- P M Bhargav, Bikaner
10 May 2011

It Helps Me Very Much When My Exams Are There. The Tests Have Really Helped Me Very Much.

- Sapna Gupta
23 May 2011

This Is A Very Useful Product. First It Explains Everything From The Video Then Takes Test Too. This Improved My Performance Very Much And Made Me Class Moniter From The List Of Normal Students

- Hrijul
19 May 2011

It Is A Wonderful Experience Learning With Learn Next.............Its A Home Teacher...............I Can Clear My Doubts Whenever I Have By Signing In Thanks For Such A Wonderful Package

- Anula Jain, Bikaner
14 May 2011

It Has Helped Me Very Much In Every Aspects Of My Education. Because Most Of The Lessons Are Animated It Helps Me To Remember My Lessons Well.

- Raju Athira, J.P.nagar
14 May 2011

Excellent, Awesome, Great, Superb Every Word Is Less For Learnnext. Now I Love Science And Maths Because Of Ln.

- Ayush Pateria, Khandwa
12 May 2011

I Think Learnnext Is Best As Due To The Best Content Of The Chapter I Am First Last Year And Defeat My Competitor Soumya. So Iwant To Advice My Friends Who Did Not Purchase The Learnnext

- Tushita
11 May 2011

Its Very Good Easy To Learn And It Always Help Me To Understand The Lectures Which I Don'T Understand In Class.

- Nitesh
10 May 2011

Very Nice I Mean Wonderful ! I Am Developing Day By Day With Help Of Learnnext Thanks To Learn Next

- Gayatri Gouryshetty, Saptagiri colony
10 May 2011

It Is Very Useful To Me In My Exam. My 50% Weigtage Is Reduced And My Marks Have Suddenly Got Increased

- Joshiurvesh Mansukhbhai
10 May 2011

Learn Next Is Very Nice. It Helps Students To Concentrate On Their Studies In A Fun Way. The Videos, Pronunciations, Sounds Etc. Are Very Nice. It Helps Us Understand Lessons More Conveniently. I Liked The Mathematics Solved Solutions Section. It Made Answers Easy For Us To Understand Than Our Human Teachers. I Appreciate The Hard Work Of The Learnnext Team. I Was Very Lucky To See The Advertisement Of This Mind Blowing Application. It Is Also User Friendly. The Salesman From Whom We Bought This Product Was Very Friendly With My Father. The Best Things-
1. It Is Very Cheap.
2. It Reacts The Way We Like It.
3. We Don'T Have To Walk For Miles To Get Tuition
-Thank You

- Rabijit Singh, Guwahati, Assam
06 May 2011

Learnnext Is Simply Superb, It Has Helped Me A Lot. I Am Able To Score Good Marks. I Am Able To Clear My Doubts. It Is Like My Teacher, If U Have Learnnext You Need Not To Have Tension. Long Live Learn Next !!!

- J chaithra, Mumbai, Maharashtra
05 May 2011

Iam So Helpful With The Package For My Better Improvement In My Education After School. Thank You.

- Mushtaq Mohiuddin, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh
02 May 2011

Learnnext Is A Great Teacher 4 Me Who Teaches Me But Dosent Shout On Me, And Explains So Well That I Dosen't Even Think Of Tht Its Just An Learning Package. Its Just Marvellous!!!

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01 May 2011

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Hear What Others Say

Very useful for a teacher to demonstrate. Good.

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29 October 2015

exxcellent course materials.very helpful for learners.

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15 March 2015

As a teacher, I am really enjoying some of the explanations. Good

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05 August 2014

in teaching maths exampels to speech about the step by step procedure dasari venkata narayana maths teacher anantapur district

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As a teacher I am using & recommending this Software to all my students & parents for CBSE & Maharashtra State Board. Thanks for ur support. Please inform me whenever combo offers are launched. Cell No. 9922888910 email - sunilvchavan@rediffmail.com sunilvchavan@hotmail.com siddschavan@gmail.com

- Sunil Chavan
14 July 2014

It is very essential as it teaches me interstingly and I can understand a lot better. Please include tests for English and Social also. Thank You.

- Kokila Teacher
03 June 2014

Nice experience i will keep in touch in learn next.As i am teacher i love to learn more & more it is best site for me till now. Tank you.

- Sanjaya
29 March 2014

I am sorry I got the link to class X , whereas I wanted class 7 . can it be reversed to class 7. If so please do it I am not a student but a teacher.

- Sheela
02 March 2014


- Pulok Banerjee
16 February 2014

keep this great

- Kamala Teacher bt assistant
04 February 2014

i feel it is very useful and informative

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30 January 2014

it is really good i m teacher i want to use it for more standard thanks

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05 July 2013

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06th September 2012

It really gives the student a feeling of being in a classroom and is an enjoyable experience. We can pause the solutions and review them for our understanding. Such products not only make learning fun but also develop interest in the student for the particular subject. I wish to thank all the developers and members of the learnNext program for providing such an exceptional way of learning. I urge the learn next team to provide solutions for class XI and XII physics, chemistry and biology, for these will clearly help students to learn better and faster. Thank You!!!

- Anchit Gouniyal, Mumbai, Maharastra
23rd August 2012

It is very best for us. We also want to get this project in Hindi. So please contect me when it avelebal in hindi

- Pratibha Siwal Ram, Sujangarh, Rajasthan
8th July 2012

this is very nice experience of us to go through the digitized learning process at home we can find the solution for any kind of problem any time and it is mostly helpful when student is having no teacher in front of his/her during exams. THANK YOU FROM PRAGATI AGRAWAL ST. EDMUNDS SCHOOL MALVIYA NAGAR JAIPUR.

- Pragati, Rajasthan
13th May 2012

it's very good and useful toteachers as well as for students to develope their skills.

- Kumbhar
06 May 2012

Actually i'm a 6-8 maths teacher and my daughter is in 9th class. so can i get all the things in my present a/c or only of 9 class as i've made. Secondly, do I have to pay for all the chapters or is it free as it was asking to upgrade and so on.

- Reetu
27 April 2012


- Gauri shankar
14 April 2012

It is really nice. I am a teacher so i was trying this for my students, and I will definately suggest my students to buy this.

- Mohit
15 December 2011

its best for indian students to learn by stting in a room ....its help full for teachers aso thanku so much

- Channabasappa
17 September 2011

Answer of question no.8 of median of grouped data_2 test is wrong. There is a mistake in the calculation. h=10 not 20. hence correct option is not given in the question. The LearnNext learning modules indeed boosted my confidence as a teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the animated explanations and test_2 series.

- Suparna Roy chaudhury
16 August 2011

I like this because I am a teacher

- Pinkyshrma
27 July 2011

learn next is very beneficial for the students...it also helps the teachers to plan her lessons systematically..if i want to renew class 8th science how much i'll hv to pay??

- Deeksha Pant
14 July 2011

Gr8......, as a teacher i have come across better ppt presentations..., guess there is a scope 4 improvement...Anyways found it informative without being 2 repetitive...Continue the goodwork and goodluck.

- Anisha
29 June 2011

i am a science teacher from agra. learn next is is a very good software specially physics part for 9th class. it helps me for better explaination and better understanding for students. it aids my impression in class towards students. but sound clearity problem sometimes hinderes. for the feild of improvement i will suggest to add 3d addition in software. i feel animation like 3D movement of atoms during chemcal reactions, formation od bonds and formed product's structure etc.many more which remains in the mind of teacher during explaination should be added. thanks...

- Vivek Garg
21 June 2011

It is good for students. But I am teacher I have solved all the questions on my laptop, therefore do not want to pay any amount. I am teaching Math for the last 45 years.Thank you very much.

- Amar singh
03 March 2011

i m a teacher .can i also be the part of ur institution . presently i m running my coaching classes in lucknow. since last 6 years .

- jagjit singh
27 February 2011

It is very good and useful for children who like to sit on computer. By this way we can learn our syllabus even when we are out of station on laptops. I think that this programme should be made aware in all schools especially for 6th to 12th standard children. It is really enjoyable.

- Abhinav
10 February 2011


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09 February 2011

I LIKED IT VERY MUCH AND IN THE VERY FIRST USE I REALIZED THAT IT HAS CONRIBUTED A LOT TO MY KNOWLEDEGE. The way u are explaining is amazing. Outstanding, one of the best sites.

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08 February 2011

This is an excellent document in which people who have difficulties in learning their chapters can improve a lot in studies. I would like to thank the inventor of this document and say him/her that this program would help in increasing the literacy level of the students.

- Rajeev
07 February 2011

Your product really has "something" that makes it stand alone, compete and beat all. MY SEARCH ENDS HERE! Eagerly waiting... when you would start same for other subjects too.

- Dinesh Kumar
22 January 2011

LearnNext is very nice software interconnected with the website. It's Audio and Visuals helps understand an idea in a much better way than those in the book.

- Leon
18 January 2011

Good material but it is not good that for next year this is not valid. for a teacher it is not possible to buy every year. pl manufacure same for GUJARAT BOARD 11-12

- Nareshkumar
14 January 2011

I am a teacher from Assam. It is a great software to make my lassons easy to the children.

- Pulok Banerjee
13 January 2011


- Sarvesh
13 January 2011

What to say, about one in billions software. This software is just a private tutor with full control I can just repeat it as many times i like it. The illustration and the way of teaching are original and awesome. I loved to learn it in such an innovative way that was truly awesome. LearnNext's cooperation is excellent. At last I can only say "Hats off for you."

- Shamim hashmi
02 January 2011

I am V.G.Panneerselvam a maths teacher. I have gone through your demo class in vectoralgebra. I was highly impressed by it. Certainly it will be very useful to the higher secondary students.I will recomend your prduct to my students.

- Panneer Selvam
30 July 2010

This product is really good for teachers. we can manage the whole plan of our teaching methods.

- The Pricipal
24 February 2010

The site is very importanant to each and every student. Infact it is very late to know the site. In my opinion all students and even teachers should become the member of this site. I recommend every one about this site. I will pass on this to all my friends. Ramesh babu

- Dr p ramesh babu
21 January 2010

this is a good for students and also for the teachers

- Manisha
13 January 2010

Dear Sir/Madam Your Package is excellent and tailor made for every type of students.This audio-visual technique and easy process of learning has really impressed me,being a teacher I will really like to promote this package my school in Kolkata. I would like to know when is your package of English and Social studies will start. There was one problem while I was operating your demo was that there was no pause option ie if I would like to read the page for some time. Thanks and Regards Jayant Chowdhuri Cell no-9883351541

- Jayant chowdhuri
25 October 2009

The demo lessons are really innovative and useful both to the teachers and as well as students.It can help the teacher to make the class more effective.The concepts could be cleared.Summary in short helps to recall the whole.

- Charushila Paunkar
29 May 2009

I hope it is precious to students as well as the teachers and thanks a lot. kindly execute my order without any delay. warm regards. Tony D'silva Kochi.

- Stenin Dsilva
09 May 2009

it is really useful for teachers as well as students

- Vishnu Banka
14 April 2009

It is a very effective learning method being given by Learn next. It is very helpful to the students as well as teachers. And we request u to begin it for the classes viith and viiith also.

- Arshiya Fatima
19 February 2009

It really gives the student a feeling of being in a classroom and is an enjoyable experience. We can pause the solutions and review them for our understanding. Such products not only make learning fun but also develop interest in the student for the particular subject. I wish to thank all the developers and members of the learnNext program for providing such an exceptional way of learning. I urge the learn next team to provide solutions for class XI and XII physics, chemistry and biology, for these will clearly help students to learn better and faster. Thank You!!!

- Anchit Gouniyal

I am V.G.Panneerselvam a maths teacher. I have gone through your demo class in vector algebra. I was highly impressed by it. Certainly it will be very useful to the higher secondary students. I will recommend your product to my students.

- Panneer Selvam

Nice software! A good one for those who are unable to concentrate on their studies and need an easy way to improve their grades. LearnNext is for you!

- Sumit

This is truly a next level of education. I found it truly well organized and informative. This site has really accomplished its aim that is "Easy Learning". Prakarsh

- Prakarsh

It is very useful for competitive exams' liked the software. it enriches my knowledge. I suggest all parents to please purchase or download the software. Thank you to the learnnext team and member. prashant.

- Prashantsingh

its good, but what I'd thought was it was a helping purpose things but it is actually meant for a proper school based studies which is completely good, no offence, u have 2 study it like 4 a proper time like u do in school. It's a VERY useful product for those who are home schooled or for the ones teaching tutions. As far as this product is considered, its very helpful + useful. Kudos 2 ppl who have made it and cheers and keep up the good work! I especially like those examples, and those questions with solved solutions. I never imagined that this kind of a product could be made which can benefit many many many people.

- Shreya

This is our first time to interact this type of software but we are looking fwd to use this type of facility for our next generation plz keep it up

- Varad

I downloaded and checked your software. I should say that it is very interesting, ineractive and user friendly. This surely is going to help students.

- Sanjeev Khattri

The demo lessons are really innovative and useful both to the teachers and as well as students. It can help the teacher to make the class more effective. The concepts could be cleared. Summary in short helps to recall the whole.

- Charushila Paunkar

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