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What makes LearnNext the best home learning solution for a child in pre-primary?

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Courseware highlights designed by pre-primary subject matter experts HD animated videos Real-life context for better relatability

Sow the seeds of learning early. Introduce them to LearnNext!

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What's more?

21st century books and ebooks: Story-based approach is used to introduce new concepts. This helps students relate the concepts to real life and hence, grasp them better. All the content is grade and age-appropriate.

Mentor Manual: An organised and extensive plan that helps parents effectively drive their child's lessons at home.

Interactive Augmented Reality cards: NextAR pop-up cards bring photos and videos of animals, letters and objects on the smartphone screens when the camera is focussed on them. Such concrete examples motivate students and enhance their reading, writing and understanding skills.

Sow the seeds of learning early. Introduce them to LearnNext!
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