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The performance report analyses students' performance in detail to provide the exact reasons behind their scores.


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A representation of students' overall performance is provided in the report for a quick understanding of their performance, the national average and top score.


Provides information about students' accuracy in answering different question types.

Speed and Time Management

Provides insights about time management by evaluating the speed of answering different question types.


  • The student needs to understand the basic concepts and learn the methods to apply the same to solve the related questions again.
  • The student needs to work on the accuracy and speed of answering a given set of Analysis questions.
  • The student needs to check the calculations of Applicationquestions after each attempt. The time spent in answering questions is appreciable.

Provides feedback and recommendation to help them improve their performance

Questions-wise Solutions

Detailed solutions are provided for each question to help students understand the logic behind the answers and the best way of solving them.

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