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CBSE Class 6 - Maths (Set of 3 Books)
Product Contain
3 Books
  1. CBSE Class 6 - Maths - Book A
  2. CBSE Class 6 - Maths - Book B
  3. CBSE Class 6 - Maths - Book C

LearnNext software is designed as per the guidelines of NCERT and the other State Boards of India. With the blend of path-breaking technology and the knowledge and expertise of our subject matter experts, instructional designers and online tutors, we have developed an all-inclusive knowledge repository that is updated with the latest syllabus.

Product Highlights
  1. 90 GSM quality paper
  2. Elemental Chlorine Free paper
  3. Colourful look with interesting characters
  4. Thematically grouped lessons
  5. Caters to Multiple Intelligences
Product Description
  1. NextMaths series is designed to eliminate the Maths phobia in students.
  2. The content follows story based approach with real-life connect and encourages learning through concrete experiences and pictorial examples.
  3. The content is crafted to build Higher Order Thinking Skills and life skills.
  4. The teacher tips in the books provide innovative teaching techniques.
  5. Every chapter ends with exercises that measure knowledge, skill and application levels of students.
  6. There's a Student's Companion Book for each subject, to provide practice and reinforce the concepts, by extending the class work. It also covers levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.
  7. The textbooks are supported by a detailed Mentor Manual with day-wise lesson plans, detailing out concepts to cover, corresponding activities and referral resources.
  8. We also provide interactive digital books, so learning happens from any place, at any time.
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