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Class 10 - Science Hands-On Activity Kit
Product Contain
Science Kit
  1. Science Hands On Activity Kit
  2. Student Manuals and Workbooks
  3. HD Instructional videos DVD

The Science Explorer Kit is an innovative solution for learning science that lives up to the true meaning of a Lab. The age and grade appropriate box is designed to enable each learner to experience the testing, exploration and application of various scientific concepts.

The guidelines of the National curriculum Framework (NCF) recommend the use of hands-on activities to impart science lessons as they help students gain an understanding of abstract concepts.

  1. The pedagogically-sound activity kit has 10 unique activities per grade. All activities are categorised as per grade and chapter.
  2. The interactive activities help students apply the concepts they have learnt, in real life scenarios.
  3. The student manuals and workbooks helps in effective implementation of lessons and activities.
  4. Instructional videos and activities available in the DVD helps the students in completing the activities.

The functioning of the human eye is explained by using the model. Students understand how images are formed in the eyes using different lenses. They learn about the effect of conditions such as myopia and hypermetropia on image formation. Furthermore, the activity introduces them to the various types of corrections used to fix these defects.

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