LearnNext for the CBSE Students of the MiddleEast.

    Audio-visual Lessons

  • Study material that is rich in multimedia.
  • Quizzes, Virtual Experiments and Games to enhance learning.

    NCERT Solved Exercises

  • Indepth explanation of the solutions.
  • Videos detailing the approach to solve the questions.


  • Lesson, Chapter and Subject level tests.
  • Questions of varying difficulty.

    Other Cool Features

  • Study Planner to help plan out your studies.
  • Reports to track performance and percentile scores.
  • Notes to enhance learning and revision.
Try Now for FREE

The iLearning solution of LearnNext is an ideal study partner for CBSE students from the Middle East countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. What's more, as a special offer you also get to access ICSE lessons for FREE when you subscribe to the CBSE lesson for a particular class. This combination of the lessons from these two boards is found to very closely match with the CBSEi syllabus. Try it for yourself and discover this fun way of learning that also helps you get better grades at school.

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