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Audio and Video Lessons

Audio Video

  • Study material that is rich in multimedia.
  • Quizzes, Virtual Experiments and Games to enhance learning.
NCERT Solved Excerises

NCERT Solved

  • Indepth explanation of the solutions.
  • Videos detailing the approach to solve the questions.
Tests and Other Features

Tests and
Other Features

  • Lesson, Chapter and Subject level tests.
  • Questions of varying difficulty.
  • Detailed reports to track progress

Lesson Demo Videos

  • Science :: Class VIII

  • Maths :: Class VI

  • Social Science :: Class VIII

  • English :: Class VII

Learn Next Quiz

LearnNext Library

Learn Next Library

Hundreds of solved questions, lesson summaries, exam cracker series and exam tips. Challenge yourself to solve the past year’s board papers. Learn More

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