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LearnNext All-India Test Series
  • Information about Learning Process- Identifies students' strengths and gaps in learning
  • Evaluation on Multiple Skill Levels- Questions cater to various skill levels like knowledge, understanding, analysis and application
  • National-level Test- Provides insight about students' position relative to other students in the country
  • Detailed Performance Analysis- Performance report provides detailed evaluation of performance along with recommendations for improvement
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There are tests based on each chapter of Maths and Science for grades VI-X. In addition, two tests are scheduled before the term 1 and final examinations.



The tests of a particular academic year can be
taken before the end date specified for each test of
the series.



Every student will be provided with a performance report containing detailed analysis of their performance along with feedback and recommendations on how to improve.



Each test can be attempted only once. The test, once submitted, will be considered final.
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  • Know where you stand- With the percentile score and detailed analysis of your performance, you can find out where you stand in comparison to the thousand of other students in the country.
  • Get detailed performance report- Get a detailed analysis of your performance—strengths, areas of improvement, time management and more—with a well-evaluated performance report.
  • Experience the competitive spirit- With students across the country taking the same test at the same time, you get to have a feel of competition, similar to that of a national-level entrance examination.
  • Strengthen all areas of learning- Through questions based on multiple skill levels, develop a strong theoretical understanding of concepts as well as the ability to apply them to real-life problems.
Performance Report keyboard_arrow_down

The performance report analyses students' performance in detail to provide the exact reasons behind their scores.


Your Performance is good. To imporve, check our Recmmendations



A representation of students' overall performance is provided in the report for a quick understanding of their performance, the national average and top score.


Provides information about students' accuracy in answering different question types.

Speed and Time Management

Provides insights about time management by evaluating the speed of answering different question types.


  • The student needs to understand the basic concepts and learn the methods to apply the same to solve the related questions again.
  • The student needs to work on the accuracy and speed of answering a given set of Analysis questions.
  • The student needs to check the calculations of Applicationquestions after each attempt. The time spent in answering questions is appreciable.

Provides feedback and recommendation to help them improve their performance

Questions-wise Solutions

Detailed solutions are provided for each question to help students understand the logic behind the answers and the best way of solving them.

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