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Experience how animated videos make you understand tough concepts easily

HD 12:06 Animated video Lecture for Graphical Method of Solution
Graphical Method of Solution
HD 8:57 Animated video Lecture for Cyclic Quadrilaterals
Cyclic Quadrilaterals
HD 8:59 Animated video Lecture for Cube and Cuboid
Cube and Cuboid
HD 5:15 Animated video Lecture for Division Algorithm for Polynomials
Division Algorithm for Polynomials
  • Diagnostic in nature - designed to identify learning gaps and strong areas
  • Evaluate the student on multiple skills - knowledge, understanding, application, and analysis
  • Live tests - measure relative performance of a student with respect to other students
  • Detailed performance report along with recommendations for improved learning
Chapter Assessment  
Linear Equation in Two Variables Solution of Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Take Test
Circle Basic Concepts Take Test
Mensuration Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle-1 Take Test
Polynomials and Rational Expressions Geometrical Meaning of Zero of Polynomials-1 Take Test

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