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Experience how animated videos make you understand tough concepts easily

HD 14:08 Animated video Lecture for Operations on Integers
Operations on Integers
HD 12:32 Animated video Lecture for Points, Lines and Curves
Points, Lines and Curves
HD 13:40 Animated video Lecture for Angles, Polygons and Circles
Angles, Polygons and Circles
HD 16:30 Animated video Lecture for Variables
HD 6:28 Animated video Lecture for Conversions
HD 10:45 Animated video Lecture for Proportions
HD 22:12 Animated video Lecture for Prime Factorisation, HCF and LCM
Prime Factorisation, HCF and LCM
  • Diagnostic in nature - designed to identify learning gaps and strong areas
  • Evaluate the student on multiple skills - knowledge, understanding, application, and analysis
  • Live tests - measure relative performance of a student with respect to other students
  • Detailed performance report along with recommendations for improved learning
Chapter Assessment  
Basic Geometrical Concepts Points, Lines and Curves-2 Take Test
Integers Integers-2 Take Test
Angles and Pair of Angles Angles, Polygons and Circles-2 Take Test
Algebraic Expression Variables-2 Take Test
Percentage and its Application Percentages-2 Take Test


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