CBSE Releases the Open Text Based Material

CBSE Board Releases the Open Text Based Material in Schools

All the formalities regarding the Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) have been completed and the CBSE Board has released the pictorial material and the text for the respective classes. The question paper will be based on the provided text and pictorial material only.

OTBA is to be conducted only for classes IX and XI and will form a part of the final exams in March 2014. The OTBA material for class IX has been provided for all the major subjects including English, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Science and Science, while for class XI, the subjects include only Economics, Geography and Biology for the current academic year. The text material will be given a month in advance to the students and they will be during the exams also allowed to refer to the same.

As told by Vinned Joshi, chairman of the CBSE Board, the OTBA will comprise questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) being creative, subjective and open-ended types. The text material will however be based on selective topics taken from the syllabus itself. Further, the OTBA content provided to the students can be in various forms including case study, article, concept/mind map, diagram, cartoon/picture or situation/problem based on the different concepts being taught to the students during the second term.

The Board has even reworked on the overall distribution of marks in order to accommodate the OTBA scores in the marks of the main subjects itself. The question papers of the main subjects in the Summative Assessment (SA1)-II will comprise 90 marks (English of 70 marks and 20 marks for assessment of speaking and listening skills) as per the design of the question paper and prescribed syllabus.

The question paper for each subject will have a separate section for OTBA carrying 10 marks respectively. This section will consists of a text material accompanied with 2-3 questions based on the former. These text based questions will be extrapolative, open-ended, inferential and look at personal response to justify a view point.

The academic director at the CBSE Board, Sadhana Parashar, has asked the concerned teachers at the schools to read, discuss and analyze and that the teachers must focus on understanding the OTBA content, its objective and outcomes.

She further said that the teachers should assign the text material to the students in groups for understanding, analysis and discussion among them. The key objective of introducing OTBA is to help relieve students from the stress and burden of mugging up the course material, thereby providing them with opportunities in inculcating analysis and inference, comprehensive and information processing skills.

The teachers are expected to guide the students and provide feedback in addition to encourage open responses from them in solving different situations. They can even develop questions based on the given text and ask for answers from the students by applying concepts, comparison and inference and further extrapolation.

You can download the Open Text Based Material from the official website of the Board.

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  1. s.murugan says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam also purchased package for 9th class, now ineed new version open text book material and psa question and answer and model test paper,kindly call and discuss.

    Thank you
    phone no

  2. mahi says:

    i does not get obta material

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