3-fold rise in CBSE Class 10 students scoring over 90%

Via Hindustan Times
“The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) introduced by CBSE seems to have not only improved scores of students but also achieved its objective of easing the exam pressure that most students face. If the results of 2011 released by the board are anything to go by CCE seems to be a success and is here to stay.

“The continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system has made it easy to do well,” said Tejasvin Samarth, 15, from RN Podar School, who scored a CGPA of 10.”

Although this debate – whether the CCE pattern of evaluation is a boon or a bane – seems to have sharply divided the opinion of people, it’s only with time that we would know whether CCE has been a success or a failure.

Here at LearnNext we believe that it’s success would depend upon how well it would be implemented and how aware are all the stakeholders (students/parents/teachers) of what it really stands for. Of course, we would love to hear it from directly from you guys. How has CCE impacted your learning?

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