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Factors Leading to Socialism in Europe

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Factors Leading to Socialism in Europe - Lesson Summary

The Russian Revolution changed life forever. Replacing the monarchy rule, Socialism promised peace and equality to all.

The French Revolution during the late 18 th century propagated the ideas of freedom and equality. It showed that people could decide who controlled the economic and social power. Eminent people like Raja Rammohan Roy and Derozio in India also discussed the importance of the French revolution.

People across the world were divided into three distinct groups, Liberals, Radicals and Conservatives. Liberals dreamt of a nation where all religions could be considered equal and wanted an elected parliamentary government. They believed not everyone had the right to vote but only the property owners.

Suffragette movements campaigned to give women the right to vote and were not supported by the liberals.

Radicals agreed with the Liberals on religious tolerance and the removal of the absolute powers from the monarchy. They believed that everyone can vote and supported the right for women to vote. The Conservatives realized that some change was inevitable but felt that it needed to be a gradual process.

The industrial revolution had started in Britain and spread across Europe. The manual labour was replaced with machines and goods were manufactured faster. New cities were formed, industrial regions developed and the railways expanded.

More people went to work in factories but under pitiable work conditions. Long work hours coupled with low wages demoralized the workers.

Liberals and radicals rallied around the right of individual freedom, the right of the poor to work, and the right of people having money. Revolutionaries across Europe, dreamt about change and worked to overthrow the existing monarchies.


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