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Reacting to the Holocaust

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Reacting to the Holocaust - Lesson Summary

The Third Reich of Dreams by Charlotte Beradt was a book capturing the dreams that ordinary German Jews had about Hitler during the Holocaust.

There were many records of Jews’ experiences of suffering in the ghettos and camps. When the Warsaw ghetto was being emptied, some of these records were buried the cans in 1943. These documents were discovered in 1950. Nazi Germany tried to destroy most of them but the ones that remained are available in museums, across the world.

Most Germans supported Nazism but there were others who actively protested against the same. There were some Germans as spectators who lived with fear and guilt.

Leaders from across the world wrote to Hitler asking him to stop the genocide and the war. The Allied Powers finally won World War II and divided Germany into four occupational zones. It was only during the Nuremberg Trials that the scale and intensity of the genocide against the Jews was revealed.

When the cold war started, Germany was divided into East and West by the Berlin Wall in 1961. 27 th January is celebrated as the Holocaust Memorial Day, the day Auschwitz was liberated.  


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