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No Right to Live

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No Right to Live - Lesson Summary

Hitler believed that by educating German children early on in Nazi ideology, they were more likely to become Aryan Supermen and faithfully serve the Third Reich.

Nazi Germany set up Deutsches Jungvolk in 1930—a German youth movement to train German boys aged 10 to 14 years in basic military tactics and convince them about the urgency to create a Germany full of only pure Nordic Aryans.

From ages 14 to 18, the boys joined Hitler Youth—a military training and anti-Semitic programme active since 1922. Boys who scored well were welcomed in the Nazi army. Boys that failed to score well on Nazi tests, joined the Reich Labour Service, set up in 1934.

Girls were counseled to take care of their homes. They were stopped from working, studying and awarded for having Aryan children in large numbers. Every year on August 12th Hitler felicitated women with the Motherhood Cross for producing the maximum children.

There was no room for opposition in Nazi Germany and students who failed were expelled; women who revolted were humiliated. By producing many Aryan babies Hitler hoped to add more soldiers to the Nazi army and expand Germany’s borders.


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