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Nazi Propaganda

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Nazi Propaganda - Lesson Summary

Hitler always used powerful and emotional speeches to spread the Nazi ideology among the German public. In 1933, Hitler appointed Joseph Goebbels as Minister of Propaganda and launched a systematic and aggressive marketing campaign.

Over the 12 years of the Nazi party, they continuously injected pro-Nazi posters, books, newspapers, films, magazines and comic books on a directionless German public with an aim to popularize radical nationalistic policies.

Hitler encouraged Nazi youth to serve his country through military enlistment. ‘Evacuation’ meant deporting people to gas chambers, which were called disinfection areas.

The most popular pro-Nazi book was Hitler’s biography Mein Kampf, where he outlined his ideas and methods for creating effective political propaganda. Daily newspapers across Germany twisted the truth to suit Nazi ideology.

The most popular anti-Semitic film was The Eternal Jew, in which Jews were likened to rats and pests. Censorship was also a part of the Nazi regime’s behind-the-scenes propaganda efforts. Using creative presentation, emotional appeals and aggressive promotion, Nazi propaganda spread the truth of Nazism, captured the imagination and loyalty of the German people, and united Germany in a singular belief. 


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