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Nazi Policies and Practices

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Nazi Policies and Practices - Lesson Summary

Hitler was voted to power based on his ideology called Nazism. The partly was influenced by Darwin’s and Spencer’s theory and promised to restore economic prosperity, global leadership and German pride.  Hitler believed that people existed in a racial hierarchy and that pure Nordic Aryans were the purest race.

He eliminated everyone who was not a racially pure Nordic Aryan German and created a pure German racial state. However, Jews were one of the biggest groups he targeted. The persecution of the Jews was an act of genocide from 1933 to 1945 which is referred to as the Holocaust.

The persecution and genocide were carried out in three stages. Stage 1 was called Exclusion.
Between 1933 and 1939 Nazi German shops, restaurants and political rallies freely distributed anti-Semitic propaganda to ensure that Jewish business and services were boycotted and their properties were confiscated or sold off. Hitler withdrew all the Civil rights of the Jews.

Stage 2 was called Ghettoisation. From 1940 to 1944, Jews were forced to live in Jew-only ghettos in the general government area, which comprised German-occupied parts of Poland. In other words, they were made to live in unhygienic conditions and isolated communities.

Stage 3 was called Annihilation. Prisoners were brought the concentration and extermination camp which had gas chambers where people were drenched with cyanide pellets. Auschwitz, Poland was the biggest Nazi concentration and extermination camp. On 19th May 1943, Germany was declared clean of Jews. 


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