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Modern Transformation of Cricket

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Modern Transformation of Cricket - Lesson Summary

In India, cricket had racial beginnings in the gymkhanas formed by different communities. Mahatma Gandhi criticized games like cricket and hockey as these were fast eroding India’s traditional games. He felt that simple games and the daily work of agriculturists were more suited for physical education. Indian fans still remember some cricketing heroes like C. K. Nayudu, India’s first test captain.

Cricket was always organised as a contest between different parts of the British Empire and not between sovereign nations. The first test match was played between England and Australia at a time when Australia was still a British colony.

This process of the end of colonialism and the establishment of sovereign states came to be known as decolonisation. Decolonisation led to a decline of British control in several spheres, including sports but retained the hold on cricket.

The regulation of international cricket was still managed by the ICC or the Imperial Cricket Conference. The concept of equal membership in ICC came in 1989. The colonial streak in cricket was evident during the 1950s-60s in racist countries South Africa.

Many test-playing nations like India, Pakistan and the West Indies boycotted South Africa but their action did not have the necessary impact. The combined effort of Asian and African countries along with some liberals in Britain forced the authorities to cancel a tour of South Africa to England in 1970.


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