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Commerce, Media and Cricket Today

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Commerce, Media and Cricket Today - Lesson Summary

Cricket underwent a lot of transformations in the 1970s. In 1971, the first one-day international match was played between England and Australia in Melbourne. The first cricket World Cup was organized in 1975.

Kerry Packer was an Australian television tycoon who understood that cricket had the potential to attract viewership and generate immense profits. In 1977, Kerry Packer signed up 51 leading cricketers amidst a lot of criticism and organised unofficial tests and one-day internationals, and televised them under the name of World Series Cricket.

He introduced coloured clothing, protective helmets, floodlights and field restrictions to the game.

The new televised game generated a lot of money for everyone involved in the process, the cricket boards, television channels, advertisers and the players.

Satellite television brought international cricket to small towns and villages. India emerged as the largest market with the maximum viewership for cricket. With the globalisation of the game, the balance of power began to shift from Britain and Australia to South Asia.

The shift of the International Cricket Council headquarters from London to Dubai was a clear indication of this. The innovations in cricket in the recent years have mostly come from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Pakistani bowlers have developed new bowling deliveries, such as the Doosra and reverse swing. Today, the BCCI or the Board of Control for Cricket in India is one of the richest sports bodies, and Indian cricketers the best-paid players.


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