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General Human Disasters - 1

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General Human Disasters - 1 - Lesson Summary

Fires disasters are mostly man-made and caused due to negligence and lack of maintenance. Fires can occur both indoors and outdoors. Fires are not restricted to buildings only. Forests are also prone to man-made fires which occur due to the carelessness of man.

It is possible to take measures to prevent fires and limit the damage caused by them.
  • Not keep inflammable matter at home and always keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • Remember to switch off all the electrical gadgets as well as the gas before going outside.
  • Keep match boxes out of reach of children and restrain smoking in the house.
  • Call the fire brigade immediately so that not a single moment is wasted.
  • Try to crawl because smoke is always less near the floor.

The government has its own share of do’s and don’ts. It contributes to the safety of its people through stringent checks against violation of safety norms.


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