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Disasters Involving Modes of Transport

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Disasters Involving Modes of Transport - Lesson Summary

Human disasters include accidents that occur while traveling by road, rail and air. Accidents mostly occur when rules are broken by people.

However, road accidents can be prevented by following traffic rules. The legal age to start driving is eighteen.

Once you get your license, strictly follow the rules which were ingrained in you during the training. Another mode of transport in India is the Indian Railways, which has the largest rail network in Asia and the second largest in the world.

Train accidents are usually caused by derailment, signal failure or fires caused by inflammable material. One should always pay attention to signals, and look out while crossing unmanned level crossings. Air travel has gained popularity in recent years in India due to the introduction of low cost carriers. Plane accidents occur due to human error as well as extreme climactic conditions.

Some human-made air disasters can be caused by poor maintenance of the aircraft, fire outbreaks and tired or inexperienced pilots. There are also eventualities like hijacking.

Disasters involving road, rail and air are usually caused by human errors and can be easily avoided by following rules and regulations.


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