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Atomic, Biological and Chemical Disasters

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Atomic, Biological and Chemical Disasters - Lesson Summary

Human disasters are man-made and involve elements of human intent, negligence, or the failure of a man-made system. Since weapons are created by man, disasters linked to it are called man-made disasters.

The government plays an important role in managing such attacks. It tries to solve the problem of the terrorist attacks  through discussions at the national and international levels. When the government receives intelligence about possible terror attacks, it issues warnings to the general public.

It also educates the people on a national scale about the dos and don’ts of avoiding as well as handling such attacks.

Another type of man-made disaster is biological disaster. Such disasters are caused by microorganisms that cause epidemics. These have spread due to man-made conditions. Most of these have been infectious diseases such as malaria, plague, diphtheria, tuberculosis and influenza. 

People can control the spread of these diseases by ensuring hygienic conditions and taking preventive measures. The government has taken a number of steps to contain the spread of these diseases such as fumigation to control the spread of the malarial mosquito.

In addition to biological disaster, chemical disaster is another man-made disaster. Chemical and radioactive leakages are also the result of human error and result in far reaching damages.

While natural disasters may be difficult to control, human disasters can be easily controlled if some stringent measures are taken up to prevent them on time.


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