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Overview - Lesson Summary

The three investments that transform people into assets or resources are education, good health care and training. Uneducated, untrained and unhealthy people find it difficult to care for themselves, and can do little for society.

The educated, trained and healthy people are an asset to the nation. They not only make a good life for themselves, but they also contribute to the betterment of society. India’s rising population is often seen as a problem.

An educated, skilled and healthy population contributes tremendously to a nation’s productivity. The investment in educating and training people, and providing them with healthcare is more than recovered by the higher productivity of a healthy, skilled workforce. Human resources put other resources to productive use.

The Green Revolution in India is a result of better knowledge and techniques provided to farmers. India’s IT industry is a good example how a largely human resource-based industry can make a significant contribution to the country’s gross domestic product or GDP.

Any child with an investment in education, medical care and training can become a useful human resource. Educated parents are more inclined to spend on their child’s education, healthcare and training. The child who grows up to be a good human resource similarly takes care of his children. This forms a virtuous cycle.

Uneducated parents are less inclined to invest on their child’s education and healthcare. The child who grows up with such disadvantages tends to keep his children in similar deprived conditions, creating a vicious cycle to produce poor human resource.


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