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Life Without Rights - Prison In Guantanamo Bay Citizen’s Rights In Saudi Arabia And Ethnic Massacre In Kosovo

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Life Without Rights - Prison In Guantanamo Bay Citizen’s Rights In Saudi Arabia And Ethnic Massacre In Kosovo - Lesson Summary

A government fails to be a democracy if the people don’t enjoy any rights.

After the 9/11 attack on New York, the US defence forces captured 600 people from all over the world and secretly held them captive at a prison in the Guantanamo Bay and were tortured and treatef inhumanly.

These prisoners were held captive without any judicial intervention. An international human rights organization, Amnesty International reported the statue of these prisoners.
However, the US government did not release them in spite of UN intervention.
President Barack Obama has promised to put a stop to this inhuman act. The UN Secretary-General ordered the sealing of the prison.

Saudi Arabia is another prominent example of people leading a life without rights.
Saudi Arabia is ruled by a monarch.
The people of the country cannot form any political parties or initiate any political campaigns against the ruler.

People of other religions than Muslim living in the country are allowed to follow their religion in private, but not in public.

Women in the country don’t enjoy the same status as men.

In 1999, Milosevic was elected as a representative of the people in Kosovo, a province of Yugoslavia before its split. His motto was to make Yugoslavia a country dominated by the Serbs.
He wanted that other ethnic minorities should either leave the country or bow down before the Serbs. He hence became hostile to the Albanians and started killing them.
The Serbian troops continued this massacre under the leadership of Milosevic, until other countries in the world intervened.

Milosevic was tried in the International Court of Justice for his inhuman acts. Human beings crave for a secure, dignified and fair arrangement.


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