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Importance of Dates

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Importance of Dates - Lesson Summary

History is a record of important incidents and events. History is about the lives of the people who made a difference to the world.

History is hence a subjective study of events that occurred in the past. Each historian has a different perspective to an event.

According to British historians, history of British Raj in India is all about the lives of the different Governor Generals of India. It begins with the first Governor General Warren Hastings and ends with Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy.

Whereas, an Indian historian focused on India’s development under the British Raj will write about the lives of the common people - their means of livelihood, the food they ate, the cloths they wore, and continue with the changes in social norms. The history of the commoners is different from that of the Governor Generals.

There are no precise dates for events that take place over a period of time. Some dates are significant because of a particular set of events. 


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