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Distribution of Minerals

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Distribution of Minerals - Lesson Summary

Rocks are mainly of three types -igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Different types of rocks contain different types of minerals. Metallic minerals are mostly found in igneous and metamorphic rocks like copper, nickel, platinum, chromites, and iron.

Rocks appear different in colour due to the minerals present in them like the Uluru commonly known as the Ayers Rock in Western Australia is also known to change colour everyday and in every season. Depending on the light falling on it, it changes colours ranging from blue to violet to glowing red.

Non-metallic minerals like limestone and phosphate, and metallic minerals like manganese can be found in sedimentary rocks. Mineral fuels like coal and petroleum are also found in sedimentary rocks.

Asia produces more than half of the world’s tin. China, Malaysia and Indonesia are among the world’s leading producers of tin. Brazil and Bolivia are among the world’s largest producers of tin.

Europe is the leading producer of iron ore in the world. India and China also have large deposits of iron ore. Brazil is the largest producer of high-grade iron ore in the world.

Chile and Peru are the leading producers of copper. South America also has large deposits of gold, silver, zinc, chromium, manganese, bauxite, mica, platinum, asbestos and diamond. Africa is world’s largest producer of diamonds, gold, and platinum. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zaire produce a large portion of the world’s gold.

Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world. It is also the leading producer of gold, diamond, iron ore, tin and nickel.

There is just one country, Switzerland that has no known mineral deposit in it. India has deposits of high grade iron ore. India is the largest producer of mica in the world. Kolar in Karnataka has deposits of gold. These are one of the deepest mines in the world, and hence the mining of this ore is expensive.

India is one of the leading producers and exporters of salt.


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