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Distribution of Major Industries - Steel

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Distribution of Major Industries - Steel - Lesson Summary

Steel is a major industry for all countries, because steel is a feeder industry whose products are used as raw material for almost all other industries.

Major steel industries are located in countries like Germany, the USA, China, Japan and Russia. Raw material such as iron ore, coal and limestone, together with labour, capital, location and other infrastructure are important inputs for this industry.

The process through which metals are extracted from their ores by heating beyond their melting point is known as smelting.

The important steel producing centres in India are at Burnpur and Durgapur in West Bengal, Bokaro and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, Bhilai in Chhattisgarh and Rourkela in Orissa.

India’s steel production has increased from one million tonne in 1947 to 30 million tonnes in 2002. Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited, or TISCO, was set up in Jamshedpur before independence.

Pittsburg in the USA is an important steel city. The Pittsburg area has many factories other than steel mills. These use steel as raw material to make many different products such as railroad equipment, heavy machinery and rails.


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