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Population Composition

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Population Composition - Lesson Summary

The development of a country depends on the quality of the people that comprise the population. The quality of the people can be determined by studying their age, gender, literacy level and health condition. 

The population structure of a country helps us determine the number of males and females, and their age groups. The most common method of showing the population structure is through a population pyramid, also called an age-sex pyramid.

It shows the distribution of males and females in a country by their age groups. The total population is divided into various age groups, and the percentage of the total population is subdivided into males and females.

A broad population pyramid at the base indicates the percentage of young people is high while a tapered pyramid becoming narrow at the top indicates a very small percentage of the population is elderly.

The width of the base of the pyramid indicates the birth rate of a country. Its slope can indicate the death rate and its height indicates the life expectancy.


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