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Confronting Marginalisation

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Confronting Marginalisation - Lesson Summary

The marginalized communities have struggled to be part of mainstream society. Steps taken by the government to help these communities enter the mainstream society are: Subsidized hostels for Dalit and Adivasi community students, lower cut off marks for college admission, special scholarships for marginalized community students and reservation of seats in college and reservation of posts in government employment.

It has also given special education and culture rights to minority communities like Muslims and Parsis to help them protect their traditions, culture and religion.
The Indian constitution has a special law for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes i.e. the Prevention of Atrocities Act which was passed in 1989.

The Prevention of Atrocities Act of 1989 is meant to protect from crimes like forcibly feeding inedible substances, forcibly removing clothes or parading people with painted face, forcibly grabbing their allocated lands and using physical force against them.


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