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Adopting New Ideas for Construction

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Adopting New Ideas for Construction - Lesson Summary

During the medieval period, there was an increase in construction activity. The intermingling of cultures influenced the art and architecture of the time. For instance, the elephant stables of the rulers of Vijaynagara, resembles the structure of the monuments of the Bijapur and Golconda Sultanates. Similarly, the temples in Vrindavan, near Mathura, seem to be inspired by the Mughal palaces in Fatehpur Sikri.

When large empires were created, several small regions came under a single rule. This brought about a confluence of art forms and styles of architectures of various regions. Some regional architectural styles even impacted the Mughal architecture from Gujarat and Malwa like some palaces in Fatehpur Sikri.

After the decline of Mughal Empire too, some rulers adapted their architectural style, but couldn’t keep up the finesse and consistency of Mughal architecture.


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