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Increasing Wealth through Warfare

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Increasing Wealth through Warfare - Lesson Summary

As new dynasties came up, each ruler tried to increase his wealth and power by taking over another’s region. For centuries, the Gurjara-Pratihara, Rashtrakuta and Pala dynasties waged wars, called the ‘tripartite struggle,' to control Kanauj’s wealth. Every new ruler built temples in his region to showcase his wealth. Thus, the temples being rich enough were the main targets in the battle for control.

Sultan Mahmud, the ruler of Ghazni in Afghanistan ruled from 997 to 1030 and attacked 17 times in India from 1000 to 1025 AD. He was the first foreign invader of India and plundered rich temples like Somnath in Gujarat to build his capital city, Ghazni. By 1030 AD, he had extended his reign to the north-western part of the Indian subcontinent.

He appointed a scholar named al-Biruni to write an account about the Indian subcontinent. Al-Biruni’s book called 'Kitab-al Hind, is considered to be an important source of Indian history.

Many kings were engaged in warfare like the Chahamanas, later known as Chauhans. In 1168, Prithviraja Chauhan the third of the Chahamana dynasty, at the age of 19, became the king of the north-western region bordering Punjab.

In 1191, Muhammad Ghori, the ruler of Ghor in Afghanistan, invaded India in an attempt to establish his reign. He was defeated in the first battle of Tarain by Prithviraja Chauhan. However when he attacked again, in the second battle of Tarain defeated and killed Prithviraja the very next year in 1192.


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