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Inamgaon - Lesson Summary

Inamgaon, located on the banks of river Ghod, a tributary of Bhima, was discovered in the year 1967-68. This city existed around 3,600 and 2,700 years back but continues to attract the archaeologists.

Archaeologists have found that farming was a vital occupation of the people of Imangaon. They have also found bones of various animals, most of which bear cut marks. This shows that the men then herded animals for food. 

The inhabitants of Inamgoan had a special burial ritual. They buried the dead in straight position in oval shaped pits, with the head pointing towards north while legs to the south.
The people also buried vessels with the dead, which are believed to contain food and water for survival of the dead on his journey to the next world.

The archaeologists study the skeleton to determine the gender of the dead. The skeleton of a child is smaller than that of an adult.


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