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Reconstructing History

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Reconstructing History - Lesson Summary

Every city has its own unique history. The history of city can be traced by studying istorical evidences like artefacts, coins, manuscripts, buildings and inscriptions found by archaeological excavations.

For instance, the iron pillar in Qutub Minar helped scientists learn about the metals used and manufacturing methods of the Gupta Dynasty. 

Sangam literature is a compilation of Tamil poems comprising details regarding the culture, life, trade, governance and battles at that time. Cities like Vaishali, Magadh and Patliputra have been mentioned by many travellers in their writings including the Chinese monks Hiuen Tsang and Fa-Hien.

The Greek traveller Magasthenes also wrote a book describing the political and social life in India, called Indika.also, stories and folklore like the teachings of Buddha, called the Jatakas, tell about the ordinary lives in the past. These tales have been depicted in ancient sculpture. 
Buildings and sculptors from different times have often depicted the lives of the people through the carvings. 


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