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New Crafts

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New Crafts - Lesson Summary

People in the Harappan Civilization followed varied occupations. The administrators constructed special structures while traders were occupied with trading cloth and objects made of clay, gold, silver and precious stones.

The scribes created seals using the pictographic Harappan script. The seals were engraved with figures of animals and with script both.
The craftsmen worked either at home or at special workshops and created metal and stone objects. Specialists were dedicated for only one kind of work. Metals like copper and bronze were used to make weapons, tools, ornaments and vessels while gold and silver were used for variety of ornaments. The Harappan people made ornaments from animal bones and shells apart from metals.

Tools and ornaments were also made from different stones. Chert, a type of sedimentary rock was used to make stone weights, Carnelian was used for making beads while Faience, an artificially produced material was used for making tiny vessels and ornaments.

Craftsmen made terracotta toys from real life inspirations while pottery was done using potter’s wheel with pots painted in red and black. Terracotta and faience spindle whorls were used for spinning thread.


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