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Finding Raw Materials and Food

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Finding Raw Materials and Food - Lesson Summary

Material found in nature or produced by farmers and herders which is further used for manufacturing finished goods is called Raw Material.

The Harappan artisans usually used the locally available raw materials and transforming precious stones and metals into objects of exquisite beauty was their hallmark. However, if required they also imported raw materials like copper from Rajasthan and Oman, tin from Afghanistan and Iran, Gold from Karnataka and precious stones from Iran, Gujarat and Afghanistan. 

The raw materials were packed in bags and packets and the harappans had a special technique of packing goods. This was done by pressing a seal against wet clay and applying on the bag. Goods were transported in ships or animals carts.

The city people got food from the farmers and herders living at the countryside. The farmers cultivated barley, wheat, peas, pulses, rice, sesame, mustard and linseed. The used wooden ploughs to dig, turn the soil and sow the seeds. For overcoming the problem with average rainfall, rain water was stored and later used for irrigation. The farmers also reared animals like sheep, goat, cattle and buffalo.


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