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The Complex Surface of the Earth

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The Complex Surface of the Earth - Lesson Summary

The surface of the earth is composed of:
  • The solid portion where we live is the Lithosphere. The Lithosphere is defined as the realm of the earth (outer part) consisting of a solid crust (rocks). Thin layers of soil that contain nutrient elements.
  • The air that we breathe is part of the gaseous layers that surround the earth. The blanket of these gaseous layers forms the Atmosphere. The atmosphere contains gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Water covers about 70% of the total surface of the earth. The huge area covered by water on the earth is called the Hydrosphere.
  • There is a narrow zone where we find land, water and air together, in contact with each other. This zone is called the Biosphere. Biosphere contains all forms of life.

We can determine the elevation of any piece of land by measuring its elevation from the level of the sea.


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