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Biosphere - Lesson Summary

The earth is made up of land, water and air. These form three domains of the earth—the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere. All these three domains combine to form the life-giving domain of the earth, called the Biosphere. The biosphere is the narrow zone of contact between land, water, and air where life exists.
The biosphere is divided into the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Living organisms on the Earth are broadly classified as plant and animals. All the living organisms are linked to each other, and to the Biosphere.

Humans affect the balance of the biosphere by:
  • Gases and smoke emitted from factories and vehicles are released in the air. The quantity of gases like carbon monoxide, dust and smoke has increased in the air, leading to air pollution.
  • Waste water and chemicals from residences and factories are disposed in rivers, lakes and ponds. This has resulted in water pollution.

Human activities have also affected our natural resources:
  • Reckless cutting down of forests and clearing green areas for construction and agricultural purposes has resulted in land pollution.
  • Less trees means less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in the air. More carbon dioxide has resulted in global warming.


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