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Rural Administration

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Rural Administration - Lesson Summary

India is made up of many states. States consist of many districts which are divided into tehsils or talukas. A Tehsil is a collection of small towns and villages.

Since agriculture is the main occupation in Indian villages, so it is important for the government to maintain proper land records.

The Patwari maintains land records and collects land revenue in a village. Patwari is also known as Lekhpal, Kanungo, and Village officer in different regions of India.

The Tehsildar is a land revenue officer at the district level. Tehsildars from various districts report to the District Magistrate.

He supervises the work of a Patwari and ensures proper maintenance of land records.
Tehsildars from various districts report to the District Magistrate. Tehsildar provides copy of land records to farmers and caste certificates to the students.

As per the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, women in India can get a share in family’s agricultural land.


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