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Hydrogen As A Fuel

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Hydrogen As A Fuel - Lesson Summary

The demand for fossil fuel is so huge that it is believed that by the middle of the 21 st century, the world will run out of fossil fuel. Because of this reason, the development of alternative energy sources is essential. One of the major alternative sources in use today is nuclear energy. But, it can only be used to obtain electrical energy, but only 20% of the total energy required constitutes electrical energy. The most promising alternatives is the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

Hydrogen has many advantages over all other options.
Ex: It is abundantly available. Its combustion product being water, it is pollution free. It yields almost double the energy provided by jet fuels. For example, liquid hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel.

H 2(g) + ½O 2(g) → H 2O(I) + 286 KJ

This fuel has water as its product instead of harmful carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and other oxides of nitrogen.

Limitations to use Hydrogen as Fuel:
  • Pure hydrogen gas is not readily available.
  • Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and explosive to handle.
  • Storage and transport of hydrogen gas is very expensive.
  • The cost of production of hydrogen is very high at this point of time.
  • Although some cars using hydrogen fuel are already in the American and European markets, commercial use of hydrogen as one of the most eco-friendly energy alternatives has still a long way to go.


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