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Frustum of a Cone

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Frustum of a Cone - Lesson Summary

Frustum of a cone:
Cut a right circular cone with a plane parallel to the base of the cone, then the solid shape between the plane and the base of the cone is called the frustum of a cone.

e.g. Flower pots have a shape as the frustum of a cone.

The surface area and the volume of the frustum of a cone can be calculated using standard formulae.

CSA of the frustum of a cone = πl( r 1 + r 2).

where r 1 = radius of the larger circular face of the frustum, r 2 = radius of the smaller circular face of the frustum, and l = slant height of the frustum.

l = h 2 + ( r 1 - r 2 ) 2   and  h is the height of the frustum.

TSA of a frustum of a cone = πl(r 1 + r 2) + πr 1 2 + πr 2 2

Volume of the frustum of a cone = (1/3) πh (r 1 2 + r 2 2 + r 1 r 2)


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