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Vietnamese Nationalism - In the Light of Communism

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Vietnamese Nationalism - In the Light of Communism - Lesson Summary

In February 1930, Ho Chi Minh a famous Vietnamese communist revolutionary established the Vietnamese Communist party also known as Vietnam Cong San Dang.
Communism is a political ideology that believes in establishment of equal and class less society. Common ownership and control of means of production are important facets of a communist state.
In 1940, Japan occupied Vietnam in order to make imperial gains in Southeast Asia. The League for the Independence of Vietnam also known as the Vietminh fought with Japan and recaptured Hanoi in September 1945.
Hence, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was formed and Ho Chi Minh became its Chairman. The battle of Dien Bien Phu convinced the Vietnamese of their ability to fight and strategic planning.
After the French defeat, the peace negotiations took place in Geneva and Vietnam was divided into two parts; North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh and the communists took control of North Vietnam while Bao Dai’s regime was to look after South Vietnam.
In 1945, the declaration of Independence of Vietnam was adopted, inspired by the Declaration of Independence of United States and of France. In South Vietnam the Bao Dai regime was soon overthrown by a coup led by Ngo Dinh Diem, an authoritarian.
The opposition got united as the National Liberation Front or NLF and resisted Ngo Dinh Diem dictatorial rule. NLF fought for the unification of the country with the help of the Ho Chi Minh government in the north Vietnam.
The rise of communism in Vietnam and the adjoining areas threatened the US. In order to intervene in the developing situation the US sent its troops to Vietnam. 


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