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Contribution of Women and the End of Vietnam War

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Contribution of Women and the End of Vietnam War - Lesson Summary

Vietnamese women made significant contributions to nationalist causes since ancient times. Vietnamese women played a crucial role during the war and in other anti-imperialist movements in Vietnam.
Trung Sisters and Trieu Au are famous women warriors of the ancient times. Popular literature and thinkers celebrated the women who broke away from the traditional social mould.
Another celebrated woman from the past was Trieu Au from third century CE who organised a large army and opposed the Chinese rule.
Women as workers carrying a rifle in one hand and hammer in the other were projected as selfless fighters working for the cause of nation.
In 1965-1975 women formed seventy to 80% of the total youth workers on the Ho Chi Minh trail. They carried thousands of kilograms of cargo weapons and food and guarded key points on the trail. They also built airstrips and neutralised numerous bombs.
The war received a lot of criticism around the world and in US as numerous people had been killed on both sides. Writers such as Mary McCarthy and actor Jane Fonda visited Vietnam and brought the Vietnamese struggle to the notice of the international community.
Widespread criticism of war and US Government policies paved the way for negotiations. In July 1974 a peace settlement was signed in Paris. The North Liberation Front occupied the Presidential Palace in South Vietnam on 13 th April 1975 and Vietnam got unified.


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