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Water Sources

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Water Sources - Lesson Summary

Water is a renewable resource. Water is essential for domestic use, cultivation and also for industries. The majority of human uses require fresh water.

97 % of the water on the earth is salt water only 2.5 of the total water on the earth is exists as fresh water. Around 70 % of fresh water is frozen in glaciers and ice sheets.

Only 30 % of water is stored as ground water. The source of almost all fresh water is precipitation. India receives nearly 4% of the global precipitation.

Around 0.3 % of the total fresh water exists in rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and springs are natural sources of water.

India has ample water resources in certain regions still India is in 133 rd position in water availability per person per year.

Water scarcity is posing an alarming threat in most parts of the world, including India.


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