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Conservation of Energy

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Conservation of Energy - Lesson Summary

Energy requirements are rising in all parts of India. We are largely dependent on fuel minerals like coal, petroleum and natural gas to fulfil our energy requirements.

Minerals are non-renewable resources. Thus, the supply of coal, petroleum and natural gas is limited. Heavy dependence on fuel minerals for energy is not a sustainable plan to meet our future energy requirements.

A sustainable path of energy development involves:
  • Finding renewable, non-conventional sources of energy
  • Conservation of the energy available today

A lot of energy is wasted in our country through inefficient means of usage. We can conserve fuel minerals like petroleum and natural gas by forming car pools and using public transport instead of private vehicles. And also, by using better, renewable fuels like biogas in place of coal for cooking. We can conserve energy by switching off all lights, fans and electrical devices when not required and using power saving devices.


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