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Introduction to Manufacturing Industries

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Introduction to Manufacturing Industries - Lesson Summary

The process of using raw material to produce more valuable goods in large quantities is called manufacturing. Industries that manufacture finished products from primary material are called manufacturing industries in the secondary sector.

Manufacturing industries play a crucial role in the overall, and especially the economic development of a country.  A country‚Äôs economic strength is measured by the growth of its manufacturing industries.

India is traditionally an agricultural country. The growth in manufacturing industries has modernised farming, has generated a large number of employment opportunities. This has reduced the dependence of people on agriculture, allowed us to export our goods to other countries and build up our reserves of foreign exchange and hence led to overall growth and prosperity. Agriculture and industry mutually benefit each other.

India has a large number of agro-based industries that depend on agricultural produce for raw material. Agriculture plays an important role in expanding our manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry provides farmers with fertilisers, pesticides, and different types of farming machines and equipment. To stay competitive in the global market, we must ensure that the quality of our goods is at par with the best.   


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