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Means of Transport and Communication

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Means of Transport and Communication - Lesson Summary

Goods are transported from supply to demand locations by people called traders. Transport is a key factor that influences India’s rapid economic development. Based on the medium it uses, the means of transport can be divided into land transport, water transport and air transport.

Land transport includes roadways and railways and pipelines used to transport liquid and gaseous material over long distances.

Water transport can be classified as inland transport and overseas transport. Inland transport happens along coastline between two domestic ports or through inland waterways. Overseas transport involves sending goods from one country to another. Air transport can be classified as domestic and international. Private and government-run domestic airways connect different cities of India. International airways connect India with destinations in all parts of the world.

Modern advances in science and technology have not left any part of the world inaccessible. Thus, the world appears a much smaller place today.

Trade requires some means of exchanging ideas and connecting with people. This is where communication comes in. While transport physically transfers people and goods from one place to another, means of communication allow people in different locations to connect with each other without actually travelling.

Some common means of communication are radio, television, cinema, newspapers, the Internet, fax and phone services. A dense, efficient network of transport, and extensive, reliable means of communication are the true lifelines of trade and economic development for India and the rest of the world.


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