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Atomic, Biological and Chemical Disasters

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Atomic, Biological and Chemical Disasters - Lesson Summary

Weapons are created by man, so the disasters linked to it are called man-made disasters. Human disasters are man-made and involve elements of human intent, negligence, or the failure of a man-made system.

Atomic disasters are extremely damaging and are mostly caused through weapons of mass destruction. Apart from nuclear bombs, traditional bombs, often used by terrorists, also cause severe destruction.

Government plays important role in making people aware of such disasters like:
  • Warnings forbidding the people to touch unclaimed substances put up everywhere especially on public transport
  • In case of an attack, people are advised to stay calm and try to help the wounded

Biological disaster is another type of man-made disaster. Such disasters are caused by microorganisms that cause epidemics and have spread due to man-made conditions. Most of these have been infectious diseases such as malaria, plague, diphtheria, tuberculosis and influenza. These viruses affect birds and animals too.

Chemical disaster is another man-made disaster. Leakages of radioactive material result of human error and result in far reaching damages.


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