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Introduction - Sectors of the Indian Economy

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Introduction - Sectors of the Indian Economy - Lesson Summary

All the activities that involve the production and distribution of products and services are examples of economic activities. Economic activities are classified into three different groups i.e. primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector.

Primary sector include activities that use natural resources to produce natural goods like agriculture, dairy farming, poultry, fishing, mining, and forestry. The primary sector is also called the agriculture and related sector.

Secondary sector include activities that use natural products or other raw material for industrial manufacturing of goods. The secondary sector is also called the industrial sector.

Activities that support the manufacturing and distribution of goods produced in the primary and secondary sectors are called tertiary sector activities like education, healthcare, accounting, legal services, law and order, fire-fighting, and office administration. The tertiary sector is also called the services sector. The primary, secondary and tertiary sector economic activities are interdependent on each other.


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