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Factors that Enabled Globalization

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Factors that Enabled Globalization - Lesson Summary

Consumers’ rights include the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, the right to seek redress, and the right to represent in consumer courts.

When producers sell any goods or services, it is their responsibility to ensure their safety for the consumer. It is the right of the consumer to be offered only products that are safe. In case of any damage, the producer should compensate the consumer.

Consumers also have the right to be informed about the goods and services they buy including price, ingredients, batch number, expiry dates and manufacturer’s address.

Certain medicinal drugs need to be handled with care. Their packing must have directions about usage printed on them. Any side effects or risk to potential users must also be mentioned. In case of any misleading or false information, consumers can take the producer to the consumer court.

The Right to Information (RTI) Act, of 2005 gives citizens the right to know about the functioning of any government department. Consumers have the right to select or choose any product that they wish to buy. Consumers possess the right to seek redress and to demand compensation. While seeking any redress, the consumers have the right to represent in consumer courts.

In case of help required, consumers can seek help from consumer forums or councils and Resident Welfare Associations. In 1986, the government passed the Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), which ensures that consumers have the right to represent in consumer courts. COPRA establishes a three-tier structure. They are district level, state level and national level.


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