CBSE Class VIII Course List : Maths & Science

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 CBSE - Science
Chapter As Per NCERT Topic
Force And Pressure Force
Friction Friction and its Types
Minimising Friction
Sound Production and Propagation of sound
Characteristics of sound
Noise and Music
Chemical Effect Of Electric Current Conductivity of Liquids
Chemical Effect of Electric Current
Some Natural Phenomena Introduction and Lightning
Lightning and Safety
Light Reflection in Plane mirrors
Light and Eyes
Stars And The Solar System Celestial Bodies
Solar System
Other Members of Solar System
Synthetic Fibres And Plastics Fibres
Materials; Metals And Non-Metals Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Metals
Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Non-Metals
Coal And Petroleum Natural Resources
Natural Gases
Combustion And Flame Combustion
Pollution Of Air And Water Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Crop Production and Management Agriculture
Crop Protection
Harvest and Storage
Micro Oraganisms: Friend and Foe World of Micro Organisms
Dealing with Harmful Micro Organisms
Food Preservation
Nitrogen Fixation
Conservation of Plants and Animals Deforestation and Reforestation
Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
Cell-Structure and Functions Introduction to Cells
Structure and Function of Cells
Reproduction in Animals Sexual Reproduction in Animals
Oviparous and Viviparous Animals
Asexual Reproduction in Animals
Reaching the age of Adolescence Changes During Puberty
Hormones and Reproductive Function
Adolescence and Health
 CBSE - Mathematics
Chapter As Per NCERT Topic
Rational Numbers Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers
Properties of Rational Number
Linear Equations in One Variable Linear Equations
Application of Linear Equations
Understanding Quadrilaterals Polygons
Properties of Parallelogram
Practical Geometry Construction based on Sides and Diagonal
Data Handling Data Handling
Squares and Square Roots Properties of Square Numbers
Square and Square roots
Cubes and Cube Roots Cubes and Cube roots
Comparing Quantities Percentage and Discount
Simple and Compound Interest
Algebraic Expressions and Identities Algebraic Expressions
Multiplying Expressions by Monomial
Multiplying Expressions by BInomial andTrinomial
Visualising Solid Shapes Representation of 3-D Figures
Mensuration Area of Quadrilaterals and Polygons
Surface Area of Solids
Volume of Solids
Exponents and Powers Exponents
Direct and Inverse Proportions Variations
Factorisation Factors of Algebraic expressions
Division of Algebraic expressions
Introduction to Graphs Graphs
Linear Graphs
Playing with Numbers Playing With Numbers
Tests of Divisibility
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